I like standards! I do! I always aim to keep my webpages fully vaildated by and until now that worked out quite nicely. My current wordpress theme uses HTML 5, which is still in an experimental stage and therefore the rules seem to change on a regular base. Things that were valid few days ago are now considered as errors and vice versa. When I checked my blogpage today it generated more than 30 errors and despite one wrong endtag entered by myself all other errors were related to the rel= attribute in the header and image links.
While it seemed save to manipulate the php part of the theme functions in a way to change this tag into a valid value, I still have to figure out what to do with the image links and the link to wordpress itself at the end of the blogpage.
I’m not sure if it’s worth to go through all the code to fix the attachement tags now as well. Especially since the HTML 5 standard is not even close to the end of its expermiental state. So, for now me and you have to live with an invalid blogpage. If you use a up to date browser, capable of processing HTML 5, you won’t have an issues reading everything here.

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